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Friday, January 6, 2012

An alien cathouse

Hey, guys -- have you ever found yourself jealous of Captain James T. Kirk, who wherever he went, always had to fight off the seven-foot-tall green women with brass corsets, who had been waiting for a galactic era for Kirk to show up and hop into bed with them?  New worlds to explore, new alien women to shag, that was the life for Kirk.  And c'mon, you have to admit that would have its attractive side.

Well, fire up the warp drive, because soon you might be able to experience something of that thrill, if (1) you don't mind going to Nevada, and (2) you're really good at suspending your disbelief.

Dennis Hof, entrepreneur and owner of several (legal) brothels, is now planning on opening an alien-themed one, presumably to attract the science nerd demographic.  The whole thing will have an Area 51 theme, with rooms decorated to look like alien worlds, and the women will have costumes, and (it is to be surmised) large quantities of body paint.  For costume design, Hof has hired none other than Heidi Fleiss, the "Hollywood Madam," who gained notoriety after being arrested for running a high-priced prostitution ring in southern California.

"She's the chief alien design queen," Hof told the Las Vegas Review-Journal two days ago.

Well.  It's not that I disapprove of anything done between consenting adults, as long as no one gets hurt; but doesn't this all strike you as kind of... silly?  Personally, I think the whole thing would make me laugh, not feel frisky.  And wouldn't the body paint... um, rub off?  Antennae get knocked askew?  Pointed ears come loose?  I mean, role play is one thing, but this would require a suspension of belief that I doubt I'd find myself capable of, even if for some reason I had the desire to get it on with one of the Blue Amazon Women of Bazonga-4.

Which I don't, particularly.

I'm sure, however, there will be plenty of guys who do.  There's a whole subgenre of science fiction that is basically alien erotica, so evidently there are people who get off on that sort of thing (literally and figuratively).  So whatever my personal reluctance would be, I have no doubt that there are a sizable number of guys who have every episode of Star Trek memorized, and who would be thrilled to have an opportunity to experience sex with a Vulcan woman.  (I'm guessing that logic would have very little to do with it, however.)  And my guess is that when the brothel opens, the crew of the USS Intercourse will have no shortage of business.

So, anyway, that's the news from Worldwide Wacko Watch for today.  An alien brothel in Nevada, as if Nevada needed anything to make it weirder.  A place to seek out strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly come where no man has come before.

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