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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Online magic marketplace

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about eBay's decision to discontinue the posting of "paranormal goods and services" on their site.  While this was ostensibly a good move, in the sense that fewer people were being ripped off by charlatans, the positive aspects were overshadowed by the fact that eBay still has plenty of woo-woo stuff for sale -- books on astrology, homeopathy, and so on.

And of course, the reduction in eBay's woo-woo market share doesn't really change the market itself.  In fact, it opens up a gap that someone was bound to fill.  I just didn't think it'd be filled this fast.

Introducing MetaBazaar.  Billing itself "The Online Metaphysical Marketplace," MetaBazaar has jumped in to fill the cosmic void left by eBay's retreat from the world of the weird.  Items are sorted out by category.  We have the following to choose from:
  • Metaphysical Publications
  • Astrology
  • Crystal Healing
  • Paranormal
  • Psychic
  • Reiki
  • Tarot
  • Wicca
  • Other Spiritual Services
A few examples of some of the goods and services you can purchase here:
A SuCcEsS FULL BLUE Moon Blessing and Ritual for your shop (starting bid, $5.00) - On the next FULL moon I do ritual work for money and success. It is said that once the work is done the spell should manifest by the following full moon, although sometimes it could take longer. I honor the Celtic Goddesses of Avalon and request their blessings.  This blessing, spell and ritual includes my own spell (written by me) and the full ritual that I will do for your shop's blessing. This include asking the Divine to bring business to your etsy store's "door", to enhance money, increase sales and so on. I'll also burn a rune inscribed candle that will also be inscribed with your business name.
A Rose Petal Black Concave Scrying Pendant (starting bid, $44.00) - These Scrying pendants work well with the natural scrying methods...and can be used anywhere, at almost any time. They are inconspicuous and do not draw much attention, usually. They may be worn at all times, though it is advisable to keep them tucked in your clothing.  Seeing tools are very personal to your energy. They should never be left on display as a scrying tool after they have been charged, or used with others, if they are to be used for seeing.
A Large Beaded Smudge Feather (starting bid, $92.00) - Smudging is a way to revitalize the energy around you, it is not just aroma therapy, but with the proper intent, can alter the energetic state around you, in a room or area. All of our smudge/dance feathers are of course, one of a kind. The larger feathers like this one, are a bit harder to come by, so we can only make them when the feathers are available.
Attract Love Oil (starting bid, $5.00) - An oil for those wanting a little umph in their search for the right person. This lovely oil was created when the moon was right! Jasmine flowers in a sweet almond base with gardenia essential oil.! Dab a little on each wrist or anoint a red candle for some candle magick! Sealed with wax and decorated with a little red yarn and a charm that you can also wear as a necklace! (I recommend it!) Yarn and flower color may vary!
So I think you can see, from this sampling, that MetaBizarre (sorry, MetaBazaar.  My mistake) has really jumped in where eBay feared to tread.  Amazing what the profit motive will do.

It was inevitable, really.  Whatever else you can say about the practitioners of woo-woo, they have money, and they're happy to spend it on anything their Magick can Scry.  So we've moved way past caveat emptor into the realm of "if you're willing to spend your hard-earned money on this stuff, you deserve everything you get."


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  2. When you 'mistakenly' wrote MetaBizarre, it occurred to me that you were reading my mind, as that's how I perceived the name when I first read it. You must have a scrying pendant of your own!

    One question, how would a turkey feather decorated with beaver fur be use in aroma therapy? ewww.