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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

I'm so blue

Since we haven't looked at loopy claims from the alternative health crowd in a while, today we're going to check out a site that tells you how to make "Blue Solar Water."

According to the site with the euphonious name "Ho'oponopono," making "Blue Solar Water" is simple.  Here's how a "Blue Solar Water" enthusiast, Mabel Katz, explains it:
  1. Get a blue glass bottle.  Any color blue, from light blue to dark blue will work.
  2. Fill with tap water and cover with a non-metallic lid -- cork, plastic, even cloth wrapped with a rubber band will work because the purpose of the lid is just to keep the dirt and bugs (that Love Blue Solar Water) out.
  3. Place in the Sun for an hour or more.  Mabel comments that when left longer, it is sweeter.
  4. When done, your Blue Solar Water can be stored in the refrigerator in any container -- glass, plastic, etc.
  5. ENJOY!  How Much Blue Solar Water to drink?  Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len once shared that, for the sole purpose of CLEANING memories, he drinks a gallon and a half of Blue Solar Water a day!
So, yeah.  "Cleaning memories."  Katz tells us that it's useful for erasing your memory, which I find a troubling idea.  I already have to re-enter a room three times to remember why I went there.  I'm not sure I need anything that's going to make me forget more than I already do.

[Image licensed under the Creative Commons Blue glass bottle, England, 1871-1920 Wellcome L0058775, CC BY 4.0]

But that's not its only use.  Check it out:
  • Add some to your Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Juice, etc.
  • Add Blue Solar Water to everything you cook -- Pasta, Soup, Oatmeal, scrambled eggs, etc. Remember, just a drop of Blue Solar Water will solarize all of it.
  • Add some Blue Solar Water to your washing machine when washing clothes.
  • Spray some in your dryer.
  • Add it to your radiator to make your car hummmm.
  • Add it to your bath water.
  • Spray yourself with Blue Solar Water after showering.
  • Spray rooms with Blue Solar Water.
  • Gargle with it.
  • Wash Floors with it.
  • Wash your car with Blue Solar Water.
These are just a few of the ways that we have used Blue Solar Water. Have FUN with it and be Creative in finding new ways to CLEAN with Blue Solar Water.
I'm reminded of the old Saturday Night Live sketch about New Shimmer -- "It's a floor wax and a dessert topping!"

I have to admit, that none of the listed applications are a problem, if any of that floats your boat (and I'm sure that "Blue Solar Water" will make your boat not only float, but "hummmmm.")  After all, it's just water.  Like, plain old water.  So if you get a happy feeling by spraying water all over your house, then don't let me stand in your way.

There's a problem, however.  I live in upstate New York, where the sun only comes out when it thinks no one is looking.  How can I "solarize" my water when the sun isn't shining?  Well, fortunately, Mabel Katz is way ahead of me:
[A] very small amount of Blue Solar water, even one drop, added to regular water will solarize it.  You can also solarize it under an incandescent clear light (blue bottle) for an hour, or an incandescent blue light (clear bottle) for an hour.
So that's convenient.  She even has an answer for what to do when you run out, or don't have time to "solarize" any more water:
You can also use it mentally.  Mentally repeat "Solar Water."  This will work when you REALLY cannot prepare it or have access to it.  God will do it for you ONLY when you cannot do it physically.
Which raises magical thinking to a whole new level.  "Here's how to make the magic water... but really, all you have to do is think about magic water and the magic will happen!"

So anyhow, many thanks to the loyal reader who sent me the link.  It's a little troubling that every time I think I have plumbed the depths of human gullibility, I find that there are many more circles of hell still below me.  Maybe I need to gargle with some "Blue Solar Water" and erase the memory, because if I do any more headdesks, I'm gonna end up with a concussion.


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