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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Reincarnated Alien Etheric Ascension Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Time for everyone of Irish descent to celebrate their heritage by drinking Guinness, wearing green, having parades, singing "O Danny Boy," and celebrating the fact that we're all actually reincarnated aliens.

This last part comes from noted wingnut Theresa Thurmond Morris, who calls St. Patrick's Day "Spritual Fey Day."  It's not that she scoffs at the traditional meaning of St. Patrick's Day; in her article (here) you will find that she is highly ecumenical in her woo-wooism.  She seems to have no problem with all of the drinking of green beer and wearing of shamrocks, and also gives a pleasant nod to the Catholic Church's ritual blessing of missionaries on March 17; but she also says that because of St. Patrick's Day's connection with pagan symbolism, it is a day of "Spiritual Understanding of both Good and Bad as Dark and Light Fey on Earth."

Whatever that means.

Ms. Morris talks about her work as a "White Lighter," which is a reincarnated alien sent here to do good.  Lots of us are reincarnated aliens, she said, only most of us have forgotten it, and her job is to reawaken that memory so we can go help reawaken others, kind of like a giant woo-woo game of "Tag."  And St. Patrick's Day is the day to begin it all: 
Those who are on earth will be given a day on earth from 2012 forward to choose as adults. Normally, those who come to earth are trained in the spiritual ways of the creation of both the alpha males and the omega females to exist inside the omniverse. Those in the past on earth who found themselves on the dark areas and chose their parents before coming may have had to stay in their area or community.
Now we have an annual cross over from the dark fey to the light fey. In the past, there was a choice made ace the age of sixteen earth years to choose to be good spirit light or bad spirit light and to work on one side or the other. Now from 2012 forward all those who come to earth that desire to change will be allowed to do so.
This is one of the reasons for the Ascension Age is change! What does all of this have to do with me being visited all my life with those from above to share that they exist and so I would not forget them in my human form?
I had been an experienced avatar ascension master in past lives and decided to come back in an agreement I made with the Advanced Beings and the Alpha God and Omega Goddess realms. This was due to my prior choices in past lives.
Evidently, her home world is the Planet of Convoluted Syntax, because she goes on to say, "However, we prefer those who are now present on earth who have not caught up to the way our Supreme Council desires us to be for the future of all humanoid sentient intelligent beings who will be Taken to Terra-Form and begin new worlds to think."  To which I can only respond, "Has anyone ever really been as far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?"  To borrow a phrase.

Whatever her origins, Ms. Morris is pretty optimistic about the future of life on Earth.  She thinks we're headed into something she calls an "etheric ascension," which is due to happen this year.  St. Patrick's Day is only the beginning, she says; we're all going to become highly evolved beings.  I applaud her enthusiasm about this, given my general opinion that there are a good many people who could do with some evolving, and more than a few who richly deserve to be on the receiving end of natural selection.  "I do my part as the Oracle of this generation in the Akashic Field and what we now call cyberspace as the WEB of sharing the All that is known," she says.  "We are now going to enter a time when all are accepted into the sea of both waves and particles."

Well.  I'm assuming by this last bit that she's talking here about the dual nature of light, a purely physical phenomenon that woo-woos love to yammer on about because it sounds like some sort of Mystical Duality Of Being, when in reality it just a description of how photons of light behave (albeit a pretty cool thing in and of itself).  So once again, we have someone who seems not to understand the science throwing around buzzwords to give herself more credence in the eyes of the gullible.

But don't let me rain on your Spiritual Fey Day Parade; if you think you're a reincarnated Good Alien and are highly in touch with your Akashic Field, don't let me stop you.   Me, I'll probably stick to drinking Guinness and wearing green.  Don't expect me to sing "O Danny Boy," however.  I freakin' hate that song.


  1. So wait, don't I get to switch to the dark side today if I want? It sounds like they only let you go the other way. It's like Islam.

    And who's on the Supreme Council anyway? I don't recall voting for them.

  2. Ask if her ascended being is Yoda, someone should.

    Wow, so on St. Patty's day, not only am I a snake... I'm also an alien. Wonders never cease.