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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring break

My dear Skeptophiliacs,

This coming week I will be taking a few days of R & R, and resting my poor fevered brain from the stress of battling the world of woo-woo.  I will, however, take that time to continue my research, and when I resume posting on Monday, April 16, I hope to have a variety of new weird and irrational beliefs to tell you about.

Of course, "hope" may be the wrong word.  What I'd really like is if, all of a sudden, the entire human race woke up and said, "Wow!  We see the error of our ways!  Logic, science, and rationalism really makes sense after all!  Gordon was right the whole time!"  And I would be forced to stop writing Skeptophilia for lack of material.  But frankly, I'm not that hopeful.

Be that as it may, Skeptophilia will be on hiatus for a few days.  If you've not read some of my older posts, this is a chance to go back through the archives (links are on the right side of the page).  Also, here are a few wonderful skeptical blogs that you should check out in my absence:

Science, Reason, and Critical Thinking
James Randi Educational Foundation
The Skeptic's Dictionary
The Call of Troythulu
The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason
Friendly Atheist
Bad Archaeology
Bad Astronomy

There, that should give you more than enough reading material for the week.  But if that's still not enough to whet your thirst, now is as good a time as ever to announce that in late May or early June, I will be e-publishing a collection of the best of Skeptophilia.  You can have all of the most outrageous assaults against human rationality in one place, right on your Kindle or Nook.  Wouldn't that be nice?  Plus, the cover illustration will, according to informed sources, feature me wearing a kick-ass wizard's hat.  That alone should be worth the price, don't you think?

Anyway, I will sign off for a week, and will look forward to being refreshed and ready to engage battle when I return on April 16.  If in the meantime any good stories from the world of woo-woo come up, leave a comment (and a link to the source) on this post, and I'll have a whole new pile of potential posts to sift through when I come back.  Until then, keep hoisting the banner of logic!


  1. I just recently discovered your blog, and I'd like to thank you for including mine among the links to these luminaries of skepticism, and the traffic you've sent my way.

    If it's okay with you, I've included an RSS feed widget linked to yours on my own site.

    Good skeptiking!

    1. My pleasure... and the link would be much appreciated! cheers... Gordon