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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Silencing Alex Jones

Okay, I'm not going to beat around the bush, here.  Let's cut right to the chase.

Alex Jones needs to shut the hell up.

Before the dust even settled after Monday's horrific bombing at the Boston Marathon, Alex Jones and his wacko followers were claiming that the government had planted the bombs.  Here's a direct quote of his tweet from Monday, shortly after the story broke:
Our hearts go out to those that are hurt or killed #Boston marathon – but this thing stinks to high heaven #falseflag
And immediately afterwards, the following was making the rounds on Facebook:

Man, Jones et al. must think these conspirators are idiots.  Can't you imagine it?  Evil, Boris-and-Natasha types, but from our own government, concoct this big secret plan to blow up people at the Boston Marathon -- and then they slip up and post about it on the internet three days early.


How dumb would you have to be?  And yet... to Jones, these are the ultra-intelligent supervillains who are running everything.

Oh, and why do Jones and his knuckle-dragging True Believers think the government planted the bombs on Monday?  Because (1) it was Tax Day; and (2) so that the Transportation Safety Authority and other government agencies would have justification to clamp down and Deny Us Our Rights.

Same as the Newtown Massacre.  Same as Jared Loughner shooting up the crowd in Tucson, Arizona.  Same as the theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado.  Same as the shootings at Virginia Tech.

Same as 9/11.

In Jones' bizarro world, bad things don't sometimes just... happen.  Crazy people don't sometimes get hold of guns and kill people.  Religious extremists don't just slaughter innocents because of their warped view of what god wants them to do.  No; it all has to be the Big Bad Government, who in Jones' mythological view of the universe has replaced Satan as the root of all evil.

Look, it's not that I'm some sort of apologist for everything our government does.  I am well aware that we've pulled some really shady stuff, sometimes, and our projected self-image as the Global Good Guy is frequently unwarranted.  But using a tragedy like Monday's bombing as fodder for your delusional worldview, and then to trumpet that worldview publicly in order to make money, is a slap in the face to the people who survived the bombing (many of them with dreadful injuries), and to the families of the victims who died.

And it's time that we stand up and tell Alex Jones, as the leader of the pack, to shut up.

Toward that end: here is a list of the sixty AM and FM radio stations that carry his show.  Take a moment to look through the list, and then send a letter or an email to the stations of your choice and ask them to drop their sponsorship of this asshole.  He needs to have his forum taken away.

Of course, if it happens, he'll just claim that the government is trying to silence him.  But that won't matter much if no one is listening any more.


  1. Alex Jones tells the truth.

    Alex Jones specifically says that security forces are historically known to plant bombs to up their value need in their social arena.

    Actually, you are trying to silence him and you love the corporate take over of government. Oh and look at that, you are an angry Godless person.

    And on top of that, you are virulent anti-human individual.

    Okay, let's kill all those white people, then let's take their babies and raise them as our own ... then we can sterilize them all and bring the population down. And slowly slowly we'll end religion!

    Are you salivating at the thought?

  2. Look at that Bonnet, you tag alex jones and you get your avarage logical fallacy filled response by a wing nut.

  3. Yes let's silence our political enemies, just like Mao an Hitler, u do know in 2012 propaganda was legalized right? Or is that a conspiracy? Cuz govt don't commitbfalse flags. Who broke govt buyin 1.6 billion bullets? Jones. Who broke vouchers being given to illegals Jones did who broke NSA domestic spying 12 years b4 snowden? Yup Jones again? And dozens of more. Here's a suggestion u like silencing dissent. Go to China. For ground breaking I opening stories go to